Why FSI: Walking the Road Together

As Israelis and Catholics work together, they form bonds that transcend the divisions of the past and help better achieve their shared vision of repairing the world.

We believe the potential of the Catholic-Israeli alliance today remains unrealized. Catholics and Israelis too often suffer from a lack of mutual understanding, and historic divisions have created a reality in which many Catholics are distanced from the modern State of Israel. They often do not fully realize the unique connection of Jews to the land of Israel nor gain exposure to Israel’s modern achievements.

By not seeing Israel through a multi-faceted lens, pilgrims miss out on learning about the Jewish people and their society and the very land and people from whom Jesus and his early followers emerged. Simultaneously, Israelis fail to understand the sanctity and centrality of Israel as the Fifth Gospel; an essential piece of Catholic pilgrimage and the deepening of Christian faith through an intimate knowing of the land.

FSI sees a unique set of opportunities that allow us to build a new alliance between Catholics and Israel, bridging historic gaps and facilitating Catholic-Israeli collaboration.

What we do

FSI is building the go-to address for Catholic and Israeli collaboration.

FSI engages and connects Catholic leaders and Catholic humanitarian relief professionals with modern Israel, Israeli thought leaders and innovators, allowing us to promote understanding and relationships that will spark a new era of mutual support. Our holistic strategy includes:

Trips: FSI’s world-class, spiritual journeys to Israel for Catholic leaders and humanitarian professionals are the bedrock upon which its educational and partnership activities are built. Reimagining the Catholic pilgrimage to Israel, FSI builds new bonds of understanding by uniquely weaving together the religious pilgrimage focused on ancient Israel with the more modern pilgrimage focused on contemporary Israel. These trips become the bedrock of opportunity for further education and collaboration opportunities between Catholics and Israel which ultimately seed the shift in renewing the relationship.

Education: Building on the educational experiences in Israel, FSI promotes an ongoing culture of information-sharing to support continued learning and points of connection between Catholics and Israel. Through content and ongoing engagement opportunities, FSI seeks to develop the infrastructure necessary to continually foster deeper learning, spiritual and physical connection to the land of Israel.

Partnerships: Through a renewed relationship, FSI fosters new partnerships, in Israel and around the world, that transcend the divisions of the past, realizing a new era in Catholic-Israel relations.

Israel’s amazing story – past, present and future – is one the whole world needs to understand. On a memorable visit, organised by the Foundation Stone Institute, my own understanding of Israel, and its extraordinary people, was significantly enriched.”

Lord Alton of Liverpool