As Israelis and Catholics work together, they form bonds that transcend the divisions of the past and help better achieve their shared vision of repairing the world.

The potential of the Catholic-Israeli alliance today remains unrealized. Catholics and Israelis too often suffer from a lack of mutual understanding, and historic divisions have created a reality in which many Catholics are distanced from the modern State of Israel.

FSI sees a unique set of opportunities that allow us to build a new alliance between Catholics and Israel, bridging historic gaps and facilitating Catholic-Israeli collaboration. FSI imagines what is possible when Catholics experience Israel in its full panorama – religious and secular, historical and modern – and when Catholic relief organizations use Israeli innovations to better address global challenges.

Catholics are the single largest Christian denomination, both globally and in the United States. The Catholic Church has built an unparalleled global humanitarian mission to address the daunting human challenges faced by people around the world – such as inadequate access to sufficient food and other basic human resources.

Israel is also a leader in global humanitarian awareness and responsibility, with the government, social entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations acting globally to combat human suffering.

Israel is often the first to respond to natural disasters and, since the first days of the modern state, Israelis have worked to promote global human development.

Today, Israel’s commitment to global relief takes on new meaning. Israel has rightly earned the title of Start-Up Nation, with thousands of new technologies which can uniquely solve many of the complex problems the Catholic Church seeks to alleviate. Israeli innovators have found creative and efficient solutions in the areas of energy, water, agriculture, cyber security, data management, health diagnostics and medical treatment, just to name a few.

 When Jews and Christians make a joint contribution through concrete humanitarian aid for justice and peace in the world, they bear witness to the loving care of God. No longer in confrontational opposition but cooperating side by side, Jews and Christians should seek to strive for a better world.”

(Pontifical Commission For Religious Relations With The Jews, 10 December 2015.)