A New Beginning

The Foundation Stone Institute (FSI) was established in 2016 to strengthen and expand ties between Catholics and Israelis. Our name references the “foundation stone” that tradition identifies as the place from which the world was created. For us, it represents the shared values that bind us together. FSI was started by a small group of Americans and Israelis, Jews and Catholics, to make way for a new alliance between Catholics and Israel.

Our Mission

The Foundation Stone Institute creates a new paradigm for Catholic-Israeli understanding and collaboration through immersive travel, ongoing education and purposeful relationship building. FSI imagines what is possible when Catholics experience Israel in its full panorama – religious and secular, historical and modern which is why FSI Journeys remain core to our theory of change. Emerging from our trip strategy, we are actively building the go-to address for Catholic and Israeli collaboration from the spiritual to the practical.

Our trip to Israel with FSI was transformational – it deepened our Catholic faith and helped us better understand the complexities of the Holy Land and the opportunities to serve mankind by developing and deepening meaningful partnerships between Catholics and Israelis.

Hon. Mike and Maureen Ferguson