A New Beginning

The Foundation Stone Institute (FSI) was established in 2016 to strengthen and expand ties between Catholics and Israelis. Our name references the “foundation stone” that tradition identifies as the place from which the world was created. For us, it represents the shared values that bind us together. FSI was started by a small group of Americans and Israelis, Jews and Catholics, to provide a new beginning in our quest to improve the world together.

Our Mission

The Foundation Stone Institute creates a new paradigm for Catholic-Israeli understanding and collaboration through immersive travel, ongoing education and purposeful relationship building. By uniting Israeli innovations with the Catholic Church’s global relief infrastructure, the Foundation Stone Institute sparks a new relationship between Catholics and Israelis while promoting their shared vision of solving humanity’s greatest challenges.

FSI Values

We believe that Catholics, Israelis, and Jews more broadly, share a love of humanity and a mission to repair the world, bringing hope of a better future to people across the globe.

We believe in the power of innovation to transform lives, alleviate suffering and uplift people for a better future.

We believe that Catholics and Israelis, working together, can forge a new chapter in their relationship with each other, and between Jews and Christians worldwide, while at the same time solving some of the greatest challenges facing humankind today.

What We Do

FSI is building the go-to address for Catholic and Israeli collaboration. FSI engages and connects Catholic leaders and Catholic humanitarian relief professionals with modern Israel and Israeli innovators, allowing us to promote understanding and relationships that will spark a new era of mutual support.

Our holistic strategy includes:

Trips: FSI’s world-class, spiritual journeys to Israel for Catholic leaders and humanitarian professionals are the bedrock upon which its educational and partnership activities are built. Reimagining the Catholic journey to Israel, FSI builds new bonds of understanding by uniquely weaving together the religious pilgrimage focused on ancient Israel with the more modern pilgrimage focused on contemporary Israel.

Education: Building on the educational experiences in Israel, FSI promotes an ongoing culture of information-sharing around advances in humanitarian relief, Israeli innovation and successful collaborations that serves to advance this growing Catholic-Israeli partnership.

Partnerships: Beginning with the introductions to innovators while in Israel, FSI provides the pathway for Israeli innovation to unite on a systematic basis with the Church’s global relief infrastructure. Uniting the innovations of the Jewish state with the global humanitarian infrastructure of the Catholic Church cultivates collaborative partnerships that empower Catholics and Israelis to impact the world together more effectively while building transformative relationships with each other.

Our trip to Israel with FSI was transformational – it deepened our Catholic faith and helped us better understand the complexities of the Holy Land and the opportunities to serve mankind by developing and deepening meaningful partnerships between Catholics and Israelis.

Hon. Mike and Maureen Ferguson